Nature and Memory

Linear time is merely a construct of the human mind as, in reality, each moment lasts forever. And every moment that has ever existed exists now. Even the attempt to capture the reality of this becomes impossible, as our language is incapable of expressing the infinity of the ever present moment. That said, the paintings in this series depict the invisible landscape of the passage of time, with all its beauty and violence.

These paintings are about human memory. They are composed of patterns, shadows, reflections and shapes perceived and stored during morning walks. Here are subtle rivulets created by the movement of a water bug on the surface of a shallow stream; or shifting perspectives created by a view of high treetops from below.

Forms and shapes in the landscape are examined from several different angles, giving the human mind and memory an equal role with observation in the creative process. Visual motifs are carried over from one painting to another in pursuit of a honed and elegant statement. Yet these are not landscape; they are intended as a visual feast composed of the variety of mark making that anchors and celebrates our participation in the present moment.

Marilyn Prescott