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Publications about Marilyn Prescott:

Review: “Painterly Abstractions” by Donald Munro. The Fresno Bee. April, 2016

Review: “Baby Pictures With a Twist” by Donald Munro. The Fresno Bee. June, 2015. {Review, photo}.

Book Cover: Oh Woman! Selected Poetry of Vitaly V. Ivashchenko. Edited and translated by Victoria A. Malko. 2014.

Review: “Dread Alert: Angst Rules” by Kinney Littlefield. The Los Angeles Times, May 4, 2001. {Review, photo}.

Review: “Visual Narratives Tell Different Stories” by Lareve Miranda. The San Bernardino Sun. April 20, 2000. {Review, photo}.

Review: “Torture and Beauty found ‘In Her Image’” by Bill Beeson. The San Luis Obispo County Telegram-Tribune, Focus, a supplement. May 29-June 4, 1998.{Review,photo}.

Review: “Changing Her Image: Women Artists Shine a Light on New Feminine Ideals.” By Glen Starkey. The San Luis Obispo New Times, May 14, May 21, 1998. {Review, photo}.

Review: “An Invitation to Enter the Mind of the Artist” by Devorah Knaff. The Riverside Press Enterprise, September 8, 1996. {Review,photo}.

Review: “Family Photos Stir This Painter’s Art” by Peggy Blizzard. Irvine World News. July 27, 1996. (Interview, photos}.

Essay: “Inside Out: Bob Aisawa and Marilyn Prescott” essay by Marilu Knode in catalog of the exhibit, 1996. {Photos}.

Review: “Seeking a Center in a Strange World” by Devorah Knaff. Orange County Register. March 22, 1996. {Review, photo}.

Review: “Women Take Personal, Political Look” by Devorah Knaff. The Riverside Press Enterprise. August 4, 1994. {Review,photo}.